iPhone Battery Replacement in Melbourne - Quick & Reliable Repair Service

Is your iPhone taking too long to charge or is not charging properly? Do you find your iPhone’s battery discharged quickly? There might be an issue with your iPhone battery – it may have malfunctioned and might need replacement. Reuse Mobiles offers quick and affordable iPhone battery replacement in Melbourne, Australia.

With constant usage, your iPhone battery slows down or becomes faulty. You need to get it changed to get the maximum out of your iPhone. Always choose an Apple store, authorised service centre or a reliable mobile workshop to get the iPhone battery replacement.

With Reuse Mobiles you get:

  • iPhone repair specialists
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • 30 minutes service
  • Newer models battery
  • Full Warranty batteries

iPhones come with an in-built battery and can be replaced only by trained and experienced professionals. Do not try to replace the iPhone battery as a Do-it-yourself project or try to get it changed by an untrained technician. It may damage your phone permanently and revoke the manufacturer’s warranty on its other parts.

Benefits of iPhone Battery Replacement

Are you still wondering if you should get your iPhone’s old and low-performing battery changed? Here are the top benefits of getting an iPhone replacement battery:

  • Save the cost of buying a new phone
  • 100% battery efficiency and original capacity restoration
  • Higher performance and no lagging
  • You can use multiple apps simultaneously
  • Your phone charges faster
  • Battery drain is reduced

Most customers can see the difference before and after they get their iPhone battery changed or replaced. These are common before and after iPhone battery replacement differences:

Before iPhone Battery Replacement:

  • Frequent Discharges
  • Erratic Battery Behaviour
  • iPhone Shutdown
  • Phone Doesnot Start
  • Longer Charge Time
  • Slow Performance

After iPhone Battery Replacement:

  • Phone Switches On
  • Proper Charging
  • No Frequent and Sudden Discharging
  • Faster Performance
  • No Sudden Shutdowns

How to Book iPhone Battery Repair/Replacement in Melbourne?

We know that most people find it a hassle to get their iPhones repaired and their batteries replaced. That is why we made our process quick and stress-free.

Book a Repair Click on “book a repair” and fill in your details, including issues with your device.
Schedule Time We will call you within a time to schedule a repair service.
Quick Repair Once we receive your iPhone, our technicians will repair/replace the battery.
Fast Return Your iPhone is ready to reuse, and we will return it to you.

Why Choose Us to Repair or Replace iPhone Battery in Melbourne?

At Reuse Mobiles, we are committed to providing you with the best and most reliable Apple iPhone battery repair and replacement at fair prices. Our commitment to quick and efficient iPhone battery replacement service has made us one of the most trusted and reliable iPhone repair service providers in Melbourne.

You can book iPhone battery replacement or repair services online or call us on 0480 041 736 for assistance. You can also email us at hello@reusemobiles.com.au for more information.


The iPhone battery repair cost depends on the model of your iPhone. On average, it costs between $99.00-$125.00 to get the iPhone battery replaced.

Your iPhone battery can be replaced in less than 30 minutes. Most iPhone battery replacements are done on the same day of booking.

If your iPhone is discharging frequently or has slowed down, get its battery replaced or checked. A new battery will make it perform as well as a new mobile.

It should only be done by someone who has sufficient knowledge and technical know-how. As the iPhone uses strong glue and different parts need to be removed, you may end up damaging the parts and the phone, if you are not experienced.

It is cheaper and quicker to get the battery of your phone replaced. Buying a new phone is both costly and time-consuming in comparison.

You should get your iPhone’s battery replaced after 2-3 years of use, or sooner if it develops a snag or malfunction.

Many factors affect the battery performance, such as screen brightness, use of GPS, location services, several apps that run in the background etc. You can also get the battery checked to find it if it needs to be replaced.