Book Samsung Galaxy Phone and Tablet Repairs in Melbourne

Are you looking for quick and affordable Samsung phone repairs near you in Melbourne? Reuse Mobiles is the leading and trusted professional Samsung phone repair service provider in Melbourne. We repair all Samsung mobile phones and tablets with a full warranty. Bring your Samsung phone with a broken screen, charging jack issue, non-functional camera or any other fault and get it repaired in no time.

Your Samsung phone is a flagship Android phone with loads of features and matchless performance. However, like every heavily used mobile, it is also prone to faults that need expert attention and repair. If you have dropped your phone and cracked its screen or spilled any liquid on it or dropped it in the bathtub, we can help.

Do not wait until the problem or fault multiplies. Get your Samsung smartphone repaired today. We offer the same day service for all mobiles to make it convenient for you. Our factory-trained service technicians come with years of experience in repairing Samsung tablets and phones and know these devices inside out. They can get to the root cause of the issue and repair or replace the faulty parts of your phone to make it work perfectly again.

Samsung Phone Repairs – Common Faults We Can Fix

You may feel stressed if your phone is unresponsive or has a broken display. These are all common issues that our technicians can fix very quickly. We take pride in our work and can repair Samsung phones better and faster than anyone else. With our state-of-the-art technology and fault detection, we can pinpoint the issue and remove the burned-out or malfunctioning part of the device to make it fully workable again.

The common issues or faults that we repair are:

How Much Will a Samsung Phone RepairCost?

The repair cost depends on the damage, the parts to be repaired or replaced and the model of your Samsung phone or tablet. You can request an online no-obligation quote, call us or visit our store and get a fixed price estimate. Our prices are always fair and competitive and we do not compromise on the quality of the replacement parts or our services.

Why Choose Reuse Mobiles for Professional Samsung Mobile Phone Repairs in Melbourne, Australia?

Reuse Mobiles is the preferred service centre for residents of Melbourne for high-quality Samsung smartphone repairs and Samsung tablet repairs. We repair the sent back most mobiles and tablets the same day or the next day of receiving. Do speak and book your phone repair online before sending us your mobile.

We use genuine parts for Samsung repair and servicing. This ensures the optimum performance of your mobile and keeps its warranty intact, which is the primary reason most users look for a Samsung-authorised repair centre. With us you get:

  • Quick phone repairs
  • Genuine replacement parts
  • Affordable repair cost
  • All applicable warranties
  • Experienced and skilled technicians
  • Hassle-free process

You can check the prices or request an online quote for our services and make bookings online. You can also call our customer service team on 0480 041 736 or email at for Samsung repair service requests. You can bring your phone to our centre at Level 1, 36 Park Street, South Melbourne Victoria 3205 for servicing and repair.

How to Book Samsung Phone Repair Services

Online Booking Click on “book a repair” and fill in your details, including issues with your Samsung device.
Schedule Time We will call you within a time to schedule a Samsung Phone or Tablet repair service.
Fast Repairs Once we receive your Samsung phone, our technicians will fix the device and return it to you.
On-time Delivery Your Samsung device is ready to reuse in as good as new condition& get on-time delivery.


Yes, no matter what is the issue or fault with your phone, our Samsung technicians can fix it with a software update or hardware replacement. If the phone is damaged beyond repair or if the repairs are costly and the outcome uncertain, we will advise you to sell or discard it and shop for a new or used phone.

We can repair or replace a cracked or broken Samsung phone screen easily. Using a phone with a broken screen is unsafe and ruins the user's experience. Get fast and quality screen repairs or replacements done at a reputed service centre near you and make your phone workable again.

You can get your broken phone fixed or repaired at a fraction of the price it will cost you to buy a new phone. Repairs extend the life of the phone and allow you to continue using your phone. You can decide to buy a new phone once the lifecycle of your phone has been completed.

If the cost of repairs is less and the phone becomes fully functional again, it is better to get it repaired. If the repair cost is steep and the performance after repairs is uncertain, then it is better to replace and buy a new phone.

We offer same-day repairs for most Samsung phones. Check with our service staff for the time estimate which can be as low as 30 minutes to a few hours in most cases.

We repair almost all Samsung phones and tablets for which spare parts are available. Check with our team about your phone model and type of damage and get an instant quote.